I love getting feedback on my creations! Good or bad it can either make my day or help me improve and refine my creations! Don't hessitate to use the Contact Form to send me your feedback. 

"Just wanted to say thank you for sending this wonderful cushion, it is more amazing then what i thought it would be, its an awesome cuddle pillow
thank you for making such wonderful leafy things!!!
have a wonderful day from a very delighted fairy"  Bec (Order: Leaf Cushion)


"The shirt is beautiful-thankyou!!!!
Sending good vibes your way :)"  Julia (Order: Pixie Hooded Halter Top)


"What an awesome morning :) I love my beautiful blanket so much!!!! (and the bag it came in was super cute!) And the leggings are amazing as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you, my lovely pixie friend :) xoxo" Erin (Order: Leaf Blanket and Leaf Leggings)


"Hi there leafy fairy:
i got the vest today…as well as the arm cuffs…so lovely…wearing them now…best regards,
=^..^=" Cat (Order: vests and arm cuffs)


 "The hoodie arrived today! Love it. Perfect colours, awesome fit. Love the tapered sleeves. Very comfortable. If I think of another commission idea next winter I'll be sure to hit you up for another! Thanks so much!" Gene (Order: Custom Hoodie)


"Hi there, im just emailing to say thank you so much for the hoodie and pants! They finally got to me here in Afghanistan and not a word of a lie, putting them on for the first time made me the happiest I have been since I left Australia. Thank you again for making such awsome things! You're helping make my dream trip to Berlin come true :)
Thank you once again for making a soldier feel a little bit less sad and helping freak out the normals.
Kind regards Nathaniel"   (Order: Leafy Hoodie and Men's Pants)


"Meant to email you ages ago, but time got away – I just wanted to let you know that Emily loves her Christmas leafy blanket!
She lives in Melbourne (I think the 2 of you actually know each other…!), so she will be very glad of it when it is not quite so hot down there as it is now!!
Happy New Year, and hope all goes well with your business in the year ahead (you have all the right ingredients – easy to use website/online ordering, and great and prompt customer service).

Best wishes
Jackie"  (Order: Giant Leafy Blanket - Double)


 "Hi Amanda!!! I am so excited!! The leafy blanket is here and it is awesome!! I'll be using it with my grade 1/2 today!! I'll send some photos!!! Thanks so much it is truly beautiful!!!! Cheers Tracey"

 (Order: Giant Leafy Blanket - Double)


"I love it! It's perfect and looks just as good on me as it did on the model! Well, minus tan lines.Thanks a bunch :-)"

Angelique (Order: Pixie Top with Pixie Hood)


"My Leafy vest arrived and it is wonderful! I just love it! Thanks for your amazing creativity and beautiful work!"

Gale   (Order: Textured Leaf Vest)


"Jumper came a few days ago. Looks amazing! Thank you"

Josh   (Order: Mushroom Hoodie) 


"Hi there I have just received my order and had to message you straight away to tell you how happy I am with it!! Love love love my items and can't wait to order more,thank you so much and the extra love and care in packaging hasn't gone unnoticed or unfelt,thank you again have an amazing Christmas
Warmest regards Emma xox"   (Order: Leafy Long Sleeve & Genie Pants)


 "Hi Guys,
Thank you so much for my order. I love, love, love it. I'm so pleased with my goods. AND again with the little leaves hidden in the pockets, love it.
Thank you so much
Chantal xxx"    (Order: Warp Hoodie, Adjustable Pixie Vest & Winter Jacket)


"Wow thank you thank you thank you! it has arrived and just so precious. Arrived the day before I leave for the cold of Sydney so perfect timing. Thank you for my leaves and gorgeous we gems. My oldest kid (i have 9) is cerebral palsy and collects rocks and gemstones so was able to identify them for me - I may need to hold on to them tight or they may mysteriously appear in his collection! Cant wait it cool NSW weather to wear it - was 30 degrees here today. Thank you. Will be back for more soon.

Bree X"  (Order: Leaf Leggings, Leaf Cuffs & Adjustable Pixie Vest)


"I just received the cloak you made and I love it. Your work is truly excellent. So excellent, I just might have to order the other one for a matching pair! I'll leave official positive feedback once I'm allowed to do so by etsy.

Chiji Pixie"   (Etsy Order: Leafy Poncho)


"What can i say. It finally arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous!! I was stunned how well everything is crafted and the fit is absolutely perfect :)

Thank you so much!!!

Love & Light from Germany
Maximilian"  (Order: Leaf Hoodie)


"I got it today!! it is so beautiful!!! you guys are artists!!
thanks again
-Joey xx" (Order: Adjustable Pixie Vest)


"Thank you sooooo much gorgeous. WE LOVE IT. Well done xxx
We got the package of goodies on Friday... I love the clothes for me too & thank you for the cuffs & all the leaves- MWAH
Just wanted to send you a quick big hug & let you know that we'll send a pic sometime soon.
Thank you for everything.
xx Jo"   (Order: Leafy Hoodie, Petal Top & Leafy Shorts)


"Hi, I received the first package you sent. Thank you so much..everything is very beautiful and so comfy.

xx Alana"    (Order: Pixie Top, Petal Top, Leafy Leggings, Bell Bottoms/Genie Pants) 

"Just wanted to let you know that my hoodie and purple long-sleeved T arrived today. I am absolutely blown away!!!! I have NEVER seen anything so unique and completely beautiful. I am going to give you a BIG THANK YOU AND RAVE on Facebook. Your creations are amazing. And, thank you so very much for the T - It is lovely.

I will certainly be ordering from you again and so will my friends and family!!

Much Love and Good Karma to you Always

Barb xx"   (Order: Leaf Pullover Hoodie & Leafy Long Sleeve)


"Thanks lovely :)

The jacket and pants were loved by many ppl yesterday and your website was passed on to them all :)"

Ashlea  (Order: Warp Hoodie & Leafy Long Shorts)


"Thank you so so much!

Both myself and my boyfriend scored some of your stuff to take to Burning Man. Cannot wait to wear them over there!

- Jess xx" Footscray, VIC. (Order: Adjustable Pixie Vest)


"Oooh the leggings r awesome, thank u sooo much! Ill defs b buyin more in other colours!"

Chloe, Carrum Downs, VIC.


"Came home to a full letter-box today! love them and perfect fit! :-) Thanks xoxo"

Thea, Marrickville, NSW.


"Thank you so much.

You really are very talented keep up the good work

pixi kisses"

Nichelle, Tatura, VIC.


 "I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful piece of clothing. My only regret is that I am not wearing something today that it works with! Oh well, guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow."

Fae, Brisbane, QLD.


"I LOVE my hoodie!!! I'm wear it every day....and i keep the crystal you sent me in the pocket at all times :)

Thank you so much for making me a cozy, cute, leafy Joey for the winter!!!!

big love and light
-Jo xx"


"Amanda Hi

My hoodie arrived today. Yay :) Thank you so very much for sharing your talent. You truly are a wonderful leafy creator. I love all your pieces ~ credit to you girl. Awesome !!! My hoodie is really amazing. Im in supa doopa looooove ❤ 100% perfect. The leafy cuffs are spunky as & such an cool surprise gift, I'm grinning from ear to ear, honestly .

So thank you thank you again for making me one of your leafy jumpers I couldn't be happier :)

Peace x
Jasmine" Brisbane, QLD.


"thank you so much! everything fit and it's just soooo beautiful!"

Marie from Norway


"Hoodie has just arrived. Excellent job. Its as it was measured for me.
Thank you.

Happy face..." Filip from Croatia


"I just received the leggins and i love them!!! thanxx!!!! stay fairie !!!"



"Its here! They are even more amazing than I thought!You are a very talented artist.Thank you very much for your loving work.
Much love&grattitude
Jacqui x" from Victoria, Australia


"Hey Amanda,
I have received the Jacket and leggings and they are perfect!
I love the sleeves too! : ) thank you so much!

peace and love.<3 Julia."  Second package.


"Picked up my jacket, perfect, perfect thank you sooooo much, will be back for more soon love your work" Kylie. M


"My hoodie and vest just arrived. WOW, they are awesome. perfect fit, and top quality. Thank you thank you, you have made my birthday :-) and thanks for the special little birthday supprise.. sparkly rainbows to you xoxoxoxox" Sparkles (Jodie)


"The leafy goods arrived already few days ago, but I was so overwhelmed by them that I did not find the right words to let you know yet :-)
They look so good (especially on my, like my husband says ;-))
Thank you sooooo much!

Best regards,


"Heya Leafy Lovely Amanda! My BEAUTIFUL hoodie and mittens arrived yesterday afternoon. LOVE LOVE LEAFY LOVE!!!.
I am actually one third of a business called Mosaic Mojo - Broken to Beautiful. I found you by pure accident when I was looking for some leaf designs for a mannequin I was preparing to tile. My mannequin is nearly finished with her special leafy outfit. Will send you a pic once she's grouted.
You WILL be hearing from me again. Thank you so very much,
Sandii :)))))))))) X"


"Hi Amanda,
The package arrived today and it is wonderful! Thanks so much for the
custom job, and the mittens are nifty, too!

Probably will order something again later in summer,
Thanks again,


"Hi Amanda, received my beautiful forest coat this morning and rushed in to try it on. It is perfect and I just love it. Thank you for all the work and love you put into it, I can hardly wait to wear it next week at the Ball and I know I will get to wear it heaps. Lots of Faery Blessings, Sue xxxx""


"Hi there, I received my leafy skirt today its wonderful. I'm excited to show it off tomorrow. Thank you so very much for the pretty purple leaf patch also!
~Peace&Happiness~" Jessica


"Hello lovely leafys!!! Guess what super surprise i had waiting for me on the doorstep this morning??!!! My gorgeous Pixxie Mittens had arrived!!! I LOVE them! They are even nicer than they look on the website pics..... and as if by magic a mysterious velvet purple leaf had found itself into the package...... it's going to get sewn onto something very special! thank you xxxx peace & smiles xxxx" Emma P.


"so LOVING my Hoodie!!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Fits perfectly and looks very mystical!! I don't think I'll take it off! :-) Many Faery thanks to you may deary xxoo" Victoria H.


"So beautiful & inspiring! Thanks guys! :-) I love my leaf skirt. X" Erin R.


"Hi there!,
The leafs arrived and they are gorgeeous! Many happy hours ahead of me sewing them on a jacket!


"Yaayyyyyyy! my amazing lush and truly gorgeous hoodie and mittens arrived last night- thankyou thankyou thankyou, I love it and it fits perfectly- and the hood is so spectacular and actually fits over my enourmous pile of hair- you are so clever! iIs my new favourite item of clothing- I dont think I am ever going to take it off! -xxxxx" -Amy O.


"Thankyou for the amazing inspirational felt goodness! So beautiful and toasty~ you have made my week! Love xo" Kylie B.


"Got my jumper and gloves today. Just wanted to let you know, happy customer, thanks, you're awesome." Heather T.


"Hello, my leaf vest arrived today. its gorgeous...i really love it.
thankyou so much xx anitapixie"


"Amanda, just got all packages last night, and everything is absolutely gorgeous!! THANK YOU! Lisa A"


"It arrived Thursday!! Yay, I love it, thank you, you're awesome.
Very comfy and warm." Heather T. (package 2)


"thank you for the leafy jumper, it is so warm and fuzzy, I love it!!! And the arm warmers, they are so beautiful. I am really feeling the inner pixie!! I'm excited over the awesomeness of your stuff, you're really talented, Abby L"


"i love it
i love it
i love it
thank you so much, what a talent you are.
Look forward to ordering another one of your beautiful creations one day real soon.
sparkly love


"Hey Amanda, i got my hoodie today :) thankyou so much, i love it to bits!! will be definitly ordering more stuff in the future! hopefully catch up with u soon..
Peace, Love and Light,


"Everything is sooooooo incredibly SWEET!! Each piece is just crazy beautiful - including those adorable leaf mittens! The Elven jacket is more gorgeous than I could've imagined. I love how the brown cotton velvet can seem to change its shades of brown depending on the angle/light. Still can't figure how you do it... You're an artistic genius/goddess/mistress of the universe! OK, I'm dying to wear everything I've gotten from you. Can only do a couple pieces here and there, as summer finally came upon us. But no worries there, as things are pulled out each time a drop in the temp happens."
Lisa A (Second package).


"goodmorning ♥ i just purchased you little ivy leaves from etsy...they are gorgeous!!
i love all of your beautiful creations ♥ ♥ ♥ and have shared a link to your etsy site on my page...a lot of friends have been interested :D
much bliss and blessings x x" Natasha H


"Hi Amanda, I got my package! :)
Thank you so much, it got here nice and quick and I just LOVE everything! The hoodie is so amazing, it fits perfectly and the hood and sleeves are so awesome! :)
Thank you so much for the extra pair of mittens too!! :) That was so lovely of you and they go perfectly with my hoodie, plus they're so warm! :)
Thank you!! :)
My only problem is going to be choosing what to get next! :)
:) Chrystal :)"