Synchronistic Leaves and Steve

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One evening about 4 years ago I realised I needed a fantastic photo, a super detailed photo of a leaf to help take my creations to the next level. The very next day I was working in The Pixie Collective shop in Northcote and my friend Steve came in. Steve was very excited to tell me all about his photography studio he had just finished setting up! And, he was particularly excited as he was going to be able to take fantastically detailed photos of tiny things!!! Of course! Thank you Universe for the amazing way you work! Syncronisity is amazing and so is my friend Steve!!

The Leafy Beginning

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I had been going to outdoor festivals in the Australian bush for a year or two at this point. Outdoor festivals are great when all you have known before hand are pubs and clubs with sticky floors, humans all packed in like sardines, music so loud it's too hard to talk and you can't even see the stars when you're inside.....   Ahhh, outdoor festivals are great for so, so many reasons!