Synchronistic Leaves and Steve

One evening about 4 years ago I realised I needed a fantastic photo, a super detailed photo of a leaf to help take my creations to the next level. The very next day I was working in The Pixie Collective shop in Northcote and my friend Steve came in. Steve was very excited to tell me all about his photography studio he had just finished setting up! And, he was particularly excited as he was going to be able to take fantastically detailed photos of tiny things!!! Of course! Thank you Universe for the amazing way you work! Syncronisity is amazing and so is my friend Steve!!

Many thank yous to Steve for my beautiful detailed leafy photos which now feature as prints on lots of my leafy designs.

You should totally go and check out all the artworks on his website, and whilst you do, keep in mind that his works are not digital! They are photos of found and recycled objects all put in perfect place and then Steve takes a photo!  It's mind blowing!

Steve Light Wizard -