The Leafy Beginning

I had been going to outdoor festivals in the Australian bush for a year or two at this point. Outdoor festivals are great when all you have known before hand are pubs and clubs with sticky floors, humans all packed in like sardines, music so loud it's too hard to talk and you can't even see the stars when you're inside.....   Ahhh, outdoor festivals are great for so, so many reasons! 

I LOVE the creativity that comes from no limits at these outdoor festivals, no sociatial pressure to be 'normal', in fact it's almost the opposite, how weird can you get? Push your comfort boundaries. How creative can you get? Let your mind stroll through all the endless realms of possibilites and create yourself a crazy costume or even better, get involved with a festival and help out with the creation of some aspect of it!

I was sitting with some friends in the middle of a dancefloor at a festival called Royal Doof on some giant leaf cushions I had made for a previous festival for some decore. I realised that really liked the way the leaf cushion made me feel like a little pixie, sitting on a giant leaf.  I really rather think of myself as a nature loving pixie sometimes as, to be a human feels like i'm responsable for the state of the planet that humans have put it in. I'm not a big fan of the state of our planet and feel helpless sometimes.  I figured out I'm not the only one. On that day that I figured that many people probably feel more akin to elves, pixies, faeries etc as opposed to humans and would also love to be made to feel like a magical creature by having some giant leaves around them! I feel that magical creatures would care more for the planet than your average person and I felt that wearing leaves would help connect these magical creatures futher to their true magical selves and they might even help normal people to feel more connected to nature too.

So it was in that moment, sitting on a giant leaf cushion, that I decided that I would make things that look like giant leaves to help connect people more with nature. 

I'm glad it's worked out to this point. I do love creating clothing made from giant fabric leaves abd giant leaf blankets and cushions. I do also love all my reviews from my customers telling me that they now feel more like their true self! Or true elf whatever the case may be! tehe!