The end of an Era! The Pixie Collective has closed

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime... nothing lasts forever...

The Pixie Collective store in Thornbury, a magical place that I owned and managed with my buisiness partner and friend Kelsie Faerie for 6 & 1/2 years has now closed it's doors.

It operated from 10th October 2010 untill January 26th 2017.

I am so grateful to Kelsie for 6 years of love, magic, ups and downs and still managing to stay friends throughout it all :) I am also very grateful to all of the shop pixies who helped us over the years giving us their time in exchange for a place in the shop. Much grattitude to all of the artists, designers, makers and craftspeople who entrusted us with their magical and heartfilled creations to adorne our walls and racks with! It really is a special roll to play connecting customers with these beautiful creations and watching new parts of them come alive! And most of all, a big sparkley waves of grattitude to all of our customers for loving our shop so much!!!

6 years of running a business is a big achievement when many don't last past the first year.

We take pride in knowing that over 150 small local businesses benefited from us having existed <3


The Pixie Collective was all set up for a new owner to buy. We had even had many meetings with the potenital new owner and their financing friends and everything was secretly set for a Feb 14th handover. Then tragically the new owner passed away unexpectantly on Sat 11th Feb on the Lunar Eclipse. It was pretty shocking news. I can't help but feel on some level she knew as she said she didn't want anything announced until after settlement. She had said to run The Pixie Collective would make her whole life make sense.  I can't help but feel slightly honoured in the thought that perhaps The Pixie Collective was the last piece in her puzzle before being able to head home.  

So for now, to close the doors on this chapter and move on to focus more on my Leafy Creations....

Love and sparkles,

Amanda Pixie x