I, Amanda, the pixie behind Leafy Creations am currently dismantling The Pixie Collective store that was a magical place in Thornbury that I ran with my business partner Kelsie and our bunch of amazing shop pixies for the last 6 years.  Once this mission is completed, hopefully on or before March 14th, I will be taking off headed for the Blue Mountains on adventures! From there I'll head to Byron Bay and from there who knows where we'll end up! I'll be with my partner Shannon and we will go where the wind blows us and probably return for Melbourne next summertime :)   

A big thanks to all who brought things off me this Summer as it is you who have allowed me to take this much needed break to unwind and get reinspired for my next round of Leafy Creations which may be out ready for next summer.


Leafy Creations creator, Amanda, has always loved being out amongst nature or inside making useful things. When Amanda went through her Saturn returns at 28 she realised she wanted to combine her love of making clothing with her love of nature and so Leafy Creations was born. 

Leafy Creations is inspired by the natural twisty forms of leaves. Amanda designs her creations to be super comfortable for everyday faerie wear with hope that your new leafies, perhaps brought for a special occasion, might creep into your everyday wardrobe! 

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Leafy Creations nature-inspired range includes women's leggings, tops and skirts all designed with a creative blend of leaf and pixi-like designs!

On the way is Men's and childrens pixie wares and some utility leaf belts! 


My mission is to create passionate, richly imagined, fun-proof tribal, hippie and pixie styled creations that reconnects you with nature, and nurtures your inner magical creature.


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