Hello! I am currently travelling about Far North Queensland and am unable to manage my website and my Etsy page at the same time, so, please head over to my Etsy site to find yourself a Leafy something: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/LeafyCreations


Leafy Creations creator, Mandz, has always loved being out amongst nature or inside making useful things. Now she loves to combine her two loves and create beautiful leafy clothing!

Inspired by the natural twisty forms of leaves, Mandz designs her creations to be super comfortable for everyday faerie wear with hope that your new leafies, perhaps brought for a special occasion, might creep into your everyday wardrobe! 

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Leafy Creations nature-inspired range includes women's leggings, tops and skirts all designed with a creative blend of leaf and pixi-like designs!

On the way is Men's and childrens pixie wares and some utility leaf belts! 


My mission is to create passionate, richly imagined, fun-proof tribal, hippie and pixie styled creations that reconnects you with nature, and nurtures your inner magical creature.


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